TME Medical Evacuation plans bring you to your home hospital of choice if you are hospitalized while traveling or residing for an extended period 150 miles or more from home, and your condition warrants a medical transport. Our Medical Evacuation plan does not restrict transport to the ‘Nearest Suitable Facility’.

Limitations of nearest suitable facility transport found in other plans could leave you far from home, in a foreign country, away from your doctors, your healthcare network and away from your family when an evacuation is warranted.

Should you have another travel protection plan, whether through TME Travel Insurance or elsewhere, that provides for a nearest suitable facility transport, we recommend purchasing our premier Medical Evacuation plan as well. Our 24/7 assistance provider will manage your medical evacuation utilizing a highly accredited global network of experienced air ambulance providers to bring you to your home hospital.  TME Travel Insurance Plans are designed for today’s traveler, and COVID is covered as any other illness.

Hospital-to-Hospital Air Medical Transport Included
Ground Ambulance Transport Between Hospitals and Airfields Included
Transport of Traveling Dependent Children Included
Visitor Transportation Included
Return of Stranded Vehicle, RV and Watercraft if Medically Evacuated $5,000
Transport and Repatriation of Mortal Remains $50,000

Please review the terms and conditions prior to purchasing for a full description of policy limits and exclusions that pertain to your plan.


*Medical Evacuation only plans aren’t available in Indiana. Travel Medical Upgrade plans are available as an alternative option.