When our clients speak with our travel insurance experts they are able to understand which coverage will make a difference for their summer vacation. In short, travel insurance, especially for COVID-19, is not a ‘one size fits all plan.  The must-have coverage for any traveler is dictated by their particular mode and style of travel.  A cruise in the Caribbean creates different risks than a car trip to your timeshare in Mexico.  The absolutely must have benefits are the ones that cover the most critical exposures for your choice of travel and your family’s need. What does that mean for you?

For example, someone who has booked a resort stay with airfare, a cruise, or guided vacation, will have trip costs that may run into the tens of thousands of dollars, and protecting against the loss of a canceled or interrupted trip is critical.  In this case, comprehensive trip insurance (Trip Cancellation), which often includes not only coverage for a canceled/interrupted trip, but also medical evacuation, lost baggage, emergency medical, etc., would be an excellent choice.

Other styles of travel such as road trips or staying at a timeshare or second home, may not have a significant trip cost attached to them, but the potential for an emergency evacuation or substantial medical bills not covered by domestic health insurance could be devastating.  Many domestic health insurance plans including Medicare may have limited benefits out of the country or even just out of network.  In these situations, a ‘home hospital of choice’ emergency evacuation policy and coverage for medical expenses due to an unexpected illness or injury are a must-have.  And remember, when driving in Mexico, your U.S. auto insurance may provide little or no coverage.  It is simple and relatively inexpensive to purchase Mexico Auto Insurance online before you cross the border.

Some of the best advice comes from experts in the insurance industry and speaking with those that know where to go for the best travel insurance. According to Travel MedEvac CEO, “Travel is fun and exciting but emergencies do happen, so look for a plan that fits your style of travel, whether domestic or international”  states Lesher, “also be sure your plan doesn’t have any infectious disease limitations – it’s key that your plan covers COVID-19 as any other illness, if you are purchasing a Trip Cancellation plan, look for one that offers the Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) option, there’s an added cost but will give you tremendous flexibility and peace of mind”.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of travel gone bad, so when it’s time to fill out that paperwork we don’t’ like, we may want to think again and review what cancellation insurance will protect our travels. The pandemic is teaching us to become more aware travelers and will stay long into the future.